divendres, 30 de desembre de 2016


Hyvää perjantaita (friday_divendres) kaikille!
To celebrate this magic night of the change of the year, we'll show another kind of magic... the magic of the northern Lights (seen in Finland, of course). _

In Finnish, the northern lights are called revontulet, which means “fox fires”. In bygone days people believed that the auroras were created by foxes running over the tundra and emitting sparks. _A Finlàndia, els llums del nord es diuen revontulet, que significa "focs de guineu". Antigament la gent creia que les aurores les formaven les guineus blanques que corrent per la la tundra emetien espurnes.

All images by Tiina Törmänen

Nauttikaa! Enjoy_gaudiu!
MOI, MOI! Ja hyvää uutta vuotta!

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