dimarts, 23 d’octubre del 2012

una MICA de TOT... i de RES

Heu vist mai les entranyes d'un univers de dades com el de GOOGLE...? 
Havieu pensat mai que un univers de dades com el de GOOGLE pugués tenir entranyes...?
Doncs... sí, i la fotògrafa nordamericana d'origen xinès, especialitzada en arquitectures i interiors, Connie Zhou ens ho descobreix.

Where the Internet Lives: The First-Ever Glimpse Inside Google's Data Centers.

src COLOSSAL art&visual ingenuity   Totes les imatges són de la fotògrafa Connie Zhou
So it really is a series of tubes. For the first time ever Google has posted dozens of rare photographs inside and around its data centers revealing the absurd level of organization, energy and design that goes into powering some of the largest, most powerful systems plugged into the internet. My absolute favorite aspect is the color-coordinated design of their infrastructure as it correlates to the Google logo. What wonderful attention to detail. See many more photos of their eight data centers and Street View imagery of their Lenoir, NC data center at Where the Internet Lives.


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